By: Laura and Jayden

external image jones.jpgSheeting, or Contour Weathering, is a type of physical weathering in which a single layer of rock is broken off. The layer, or sheet, tends to break off of the rock in the same shape or form of the rock or gravestone. Sometimes when a sheet is carved off a gravestone, it outlines the inscription leaving the letters and symbols clear and easy to read. Other times it can completely remove the markings leaving the stone blank where the lettering used to be. When a sheet is broken off, it can cause the gravestone to create micro-environments suitable for bacteria and other small organisms. The micro-environments make the gravestone more susceptible to further weathering. It is most common for sheeting to occur on sandstone grave markers, but it is also common for sheeting to occur on shale, slate, and mica as well. When sheeting happens on those particular stones, it reveals the layers of the rock that could also break off like the previous layer.

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